Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wildcard searching Lookups

I often find I want to find someone or a company in ACT!, however I can only remember part of their name - wildcard searching to the rescue.

If I do a company lookup for "outback", I only get returned a list of companies that begin with "outback".

However, if I do a company lookup for "%outback" - note the percent sign prefixing the search term, I get a list of all companies that contain the word "outback".

This is quite useful and can be used on any of the fields, not just the company field.

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Darren said...

Hi Ben, Welcome to the blog and to Evolution Marketing too. Glad to have you on board.

Just on the wild card search. One of the nice new features of ACT! 11/2009 is the improved lookup functionality. There is now a 'contains' option on the actual lookup window that performs the same function as using the % sign.

Having said that for ACT! versions 7/2005 through to ACT! 10/2008 the % trick is still the best way to go about it.